Video Set-up Tips for Homeowners

When Robert and his Team arrives………

He will arrive approximately 15 minutes early to turn on lights, remove cars from the drive way, and do any last minute staging.

We are not there to do cleaning, move furniture, or otherwise stage the home. I ask that you do not schedule any painters, stagers, electricians, home inspectors, landscapers, showings, or construction personnel to be present at the time of the video shoot.

Due to the flow of our walk through videos, it is usually not possible to move furniture or other items from room to room during the shoot. Such items should be stored out of the way in an area that will not be photographed or featured in the video.

Outside for Walking Tour and Aerial Photography:

Mowing the lawn and trimming back overgrown shrubbery can make all the difference. Remove any clutter such as garbage cans, toys, etc.

Inside for the Walking Tour:

Remove as much clutter on shelves, tables, and excess furniture as possible. Replace light bulbs that are needed and make sure all lights are on. Clean kitchen counters and remove counter top appliances such as toasters or coffee makers. Remove refrigerator magnets. Empty or hide garbage cans. Turn on as many lights as possible when Robert arrives. Toilet seats down, clean mirrors and other glass surfaces.


Hide feeding bowls, litter boxes, dog beds, etc. Some Potential Buyers have allergies and can be put-off by their presence.


If you have reached this page and are interested in having your home shot with a video for a Visual Tour or Aerial Photography in Baltimore, Harford or Cecil County, City...Robert McArtor would enjoy the opportunity to speak with you to discuss his un-matched marketing plan that includes these for FREE when you list with him. Contact him today at 443-392-4833